REUNITED-Lost Cat: Mr. Binx

REUNITED-Lost Cat: Mr. Binx

Lost at 09:00 am on 05/12/2019

Actual location lost: 500 Blk Brookleigh Road, Saanich
Last seen: 500 Blk Brookleigh Road, Saanich
Other sightings: The night after he escaped the house he meowed to come in before running away when the door was opened.
Collar? No
Breed, colours, description: All black with a few white hairs here and there. Green eyes and high bridged nose. He is stocky and strong.
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years 10 months
Number of years with owner: 2 years 7 months
Spayed / Neutered? Yes
General Health: Healthy but a bit chunky
Chip / Tattoo? Yes
Chip / Tattoo details: Tattoo (In left ear) details on file
Likes, fears, temperament: Loves canned food and lying in the sun. Is afraid of being grabbed at or chased. Intelligent and skittish when wary but gentle and has never bitten or scratched.

Contact ROAM:
778-977-6265 or 778-977-6260

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