Roaming Cat: George Street, Victoria, BC

Roaming Cat: George Street, Victoria, BC

Last seen at 12:20 pm on 10/14/2017

Last seen: George Street, Victoria, BC
Other sightings: The cat has been hanging around our home for one week, beginning on Saturday, October 7. The cat is present throughout the day (and likely at night too).
Collar? No
Breed, colours, description: Short hair, primarily black tuxedo cat, with white paws, small patch of white on chest, and a white spot on chin. Male, young, very thin. Friendly, not afraid of other cats or raccoons, loud meows. Does not like to be picked up.
Gender: Male
General temperament: Mostly friendly, slightly skittish at times. Brave (has broken into our house a few times in search of food). Does not hiss/growl at people, but does when provoked by an unfriendly other cat.

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778-977-6260 or 778-977-6265

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