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Tips for Finding your Missing Cat
There is no better feeling to have your dogs returned no worse than wear after fearing the worse. ROAM just happened along at the exact time the dogs needed protection from heavy traffic. You were the angels I prayed for…talk about the stars lining up! Thank you, thank you, thank you. There are no words to express my happiness to have my fur babies safely home and curled up in my lap sleeping off their adventure. We are closely inspecting our fencing to find the breech and have contracted a company to cross fence our back yard to keep our “Adventuress and Houdini” out of our natural area and away from bunny trails…their world will be downsized so hopefully, we’ll not go through this again. Barb and Terry you have hearts of gold and are doing such important work. May your lives be blessed for all you do…
Yvonne Y
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