Resources to find your lost pet

Tips for Finding your Missing Cat
If he/she uses a litter box, we suggest putting the DIRTY one outside (in a dry spot) near your house. Also take something that smells like you, and put it in a crate, or something else that will stay dry. (A large plastic garbage bag will sometimes fit right over a cat crate to keep it nice and dry.) Place a bowl of water out as well. If you put food out, put just a little bit so that he/she stays hungry and will be more inclined to stick around.

Posters are a key factor in helping to get cats home. If your cat doesn’t return the same day, we suggest making up at least 25-30 posters (to start.) Put them up all over the neighbourhood. Bus shelters and community mailbox stations are good places to post them, as are telephone poles. Place the posters in plastic covers (with the opening at the bottom), so that they stay dry. These can be purchased at Monks, Staples, or other office supply stores. Large Glad Storage Bags also work well and cost around $4 for 40 (from Walmart.)

Also knock on neighbours doors and ask them to check their garages, sheds, and any place that your cat could be hiding in their yard.

All we can say is wow! How this all played out tonight was not how we imagined it would go down. But I’m glad it did…. Jeny and I were talking with another neighbor outside for about 15 minutes after Terry and Barb left. Chewy must have been the first to hear the jingling of Rusty’s collar, then Jeny, then me. Chewy walked around Joel’s house and brought our Rusty to us…. It was so surreal. But the the real people who helped bring our family back together again was all the wonderful people from ROAM, and all the wonderful community from WP. ROAM is a great family as well! Thank you to Lesli, Rachel, Dixie, Carrie, Deb, Cyndi and Michelle for all your countless hours of spotting, putting posters up, placing signs all over the place! Cory and Bailey…. Thank you! I know this was just as hard on you two as it was on us. You stayed with us and also stayed positive always helping with our search. Communicating with us in the early days was crucial to helping find Rusty! Donna and Andy…. what can we say? You two have been there right from the beginning, you offered to help when you didn’t have to… you opened your home to us and made us feel welcome… you opened your hearts. For that, we are for ever grateful for the both of you. Joel And Katyanna…. you had strangers creeping around your house and you welcomed us because you also experienced losing Petme. You paid it forward and we thank you for that! George and Nette, George was always there to support our family. From bringing us dinner in the woods, to giving up his favourite chocolate almonds,or hiking through the woods searching. And of course my tiny little older sister who has the largest heart that I’ve ever seen. She hiked hours on end and was the first who suspected the howling dog was Rusty, which she was right! She never gave up…. As she said, family never gives up on each other. Terry and Barb…. there’s no word that we can say that can fully describe how thankful we are for your help. Your experience and advice helped us stay calm and gave us hope to never give up! You kept us involved with every decision, every strategy and assured us we will find him. With out you, I don’t know if would have ever found Rusty. You didn’t just help us find a dog, you helped us find a lost family member who to me is one of my kids! I would be lost without him! Thank you all so much!   Moises and Jeny