FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ROAM?
ROAM is a 100% volunteer run non-profit organization, dedicated to reuniting lost and found pets with their owners.
Who are we?
ROAM was formed when a team of 5 administrators and senior searchers decided to form our own strong, cohesive, community-friendly team.  We have collectively put in thousands of hours of volunteer work and have successfully reunited countless pets with their owners.  We wish to continue to provide this service, but felt it would be best for us to form our own group based on our own ideals and visions for our organization and our ability and desire to work with all groups.
What do we do?
From the moment we are alerted with a lost or found pet, our admins begin to work behind the scenes to get the details necessary to post a pet to our website.  We have two numbers dedicated to ROAM and there is always someone to answer calls from worried pet owners. 

We give advice and support to owners of lost pets to get a search started, or in the case of a found pet, to locate the owners.  We alert volunteers in the areas where a pet goes missing and in many cases, we send our dedicated and proven search team out to try and locate the animal. 

If an animal seems to be settling in one area, we may set up a feeding station and infrared/motion ‘trail cameras’, followed by a humane, live-trap.  Setting a live trap involves 100% supervision (day and night) which we take part in and organize with pet owners.

Why do we need another animal search organization?
We feel that the ‘need’ necessitates organizations like ROAM.  We are a group of extremely passionate people who work extremely well together and share the same ideals when it comes to finding pets.  For the welfare and best interests of the animals, it is our endeavour to work alongside other local animal agencies and groups.  Our goal is to always put pets first.

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Wow! What a team! THANK YOU SO MUCH to ALL who went out of their way to make this happen! It’s a great lesson on why community is SO important in this day and age. THIS experience is what makes ‘paying it forward’ happen! See how easy it is!! Everyone take note of this… The ingredients of compassion, common sense, perseverance, faith in your work, camaraderie, empathy, mutual support, came together here in a way rarely seen in public view. We can ALL learn a LOT from how these folks work together and how well they convey confidence, empathy, reassurance and… common sense to those that need their help! The selflessness is underappreciated and undervalued too much in our society. THIS is TRUE Leadership in action! ROAM doesn’t just talk about it – you ALL practice it – daily! I’m eternally grateful, I’m going to pay it forward by volunteering for any similar programs over here where we live. I hope this success story brings hope and faith to all the future pet parents and owners who experience a lost or missing pet and the fears, guilt and anxieties that come along with it. I can assure you – you are in the best hands possible!! PLEASE DONATE where you can!! If the principles of commitment and teamwork that ROAM has clearly mastered (yet still keeping everything uncomplicated) were to be used more throughout our communities… the outcomes would be something amazing, there’s a lot more to learn from this than meets the eye! Because of that… ROAM has got something MUCH bigger happening than what we actually see! There are PHD’s out there that study these sorts of phenomena!! I encourage all who read this (and the many other stories and posts on the ROAM sites) to DONATE and share these stories. YOU ARE BUILDING COMMUNITY BY GIVING TO THIS GROUP and the benefits are immediate! If you are someone who currently has a missing pet, have faith, it means you are confident in the universe (other people). Don’t underestimate the value of pets and their compassionate and dedicated owners.
Florian (Milos' owner)