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There is no way for us at Loved At Last Dog Rescue to adequately thank ROAM and Terry and Barb and their amazingly dedicated volunteers for their tireless efforts and commitment to catching Stella. This fearful girl had been rescued from a life as a stray in the streets of Iran only to escape from her foster home. We despaired that Stella could ever be caught. But then we didn’t know about ROAM’s experience, skill and most importantly their refusal to quit until the dog is caught. Even though FLED had been asked first to search for Stella it was ROAM who kept in constant contact with us with updates about sightings of Stella. We quickly realized that Stella’s best chance of being caught lay with ROAM. I doubt Terry and Barb slept more than a four hours a night since Stella’s escape. It became readily apparent to me that it wasn’t a matter of if ROAM caught Stella but when. And despite our repeated offers to make a donation Terry and Barb preferred that the money be used to help rescue other homeless dogs like Stella. And if all this wasn’t enough, Terry and Barb have also offered to help us find an adoptive home for Stella in the Victoria area. Amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you ROAM. You are the best!
Jan O