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A huge thank you goes out to this organization, the people behind it, and the compassionate service they provide.  I am beyond grateful.  When my little dog Ruby was scared off running by a hang glider that appeared over some trees in an off leash park, I was completely distraught when I couldn’t catch her and then eventually lost sight of her.  I am new to Victoria and didn’t know anyone to help me so after calling animal control I continued to search.  Then I remembered hearing about this organization Roam and gave them a call.  I was crying and not sure if they could understand me, but they took the time to get the information and post immediately on the website with Ruby’s picture.  Within another hour I had Ruby safely back in my arms.  It was through this organization that we found each other again so quickly.   We don’t tend to think about these things happening and I’m quite sure I never want to experience that terrifying feeling again.  But it is nice to know this service is available for pet owners and I can testify that it works!  The compassion and calm of Barb on the other end of the phone and the follow up happy texts went above and beyond any of my expectations.  Once again, beyond grateful.
Carla B