Roaming Cat: 6900 Wallace Drive, Brentwood Bay, BC

Roaming Cat: 6900 Wallace Drive, Brentwood Bay, BC

Last seen at 05:30 am on 12/04/2018

Last seen: 6900 Wallace Drive, Brentwood Bay, BC
Other sightings: Kitty visits our house quite often. We see it on our security camera at the front door. Seems to be very curious about our indoor cats and comes to say hello to them and look in the window.Has wandered into our garage a few times and we see it in our backyard. Seems to be out during the night now
Collar? No
Breed, colours, description: White and grey short haired kitty. Grey on the top part of the face/head and white around the mouth. Unsure of the gender or it is fixed. Look’s to be healthy but does not have a collar and is skittish
Gender: Unsure
General temperament: Skittish. Runs away when approached. Will run away if spotted, even if we are inside and it is peering in through the window.We just want to determine if kitty has a home/is fed as it is appearing on our security camera during the middle of the night and it is cold out

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