Lost Cat: El chappo

Lost Cat: El chappo

Lost at 09:30 pm on 02/04/2020

Actual location lost: 300 Block  Brunswick Place, Saanich
Last seen: 300 Block  Brunswick Place, Saanich
Other sightings: He was missing not that long ago and somebody found him by colquitz school but they ended up bringing him back and now he’s gone again
Collar? No
Breed, colours, description: He is grey and white he has a cut in his ear and on his nose
Gender: Male
Age: He’s only 2
Number of years with owner: A year and a half
Spayed / Neutered? No
General Health: He’s a chubby healthy cat
Chip / Tattoo? No
Chip / Tattoo details:
Likes, fears, temperament: He’s not really scared of anything he wanders off alot and he goes to random houses for food

Contact ROAM:
778-977-6265 or 778-977-6260

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