Roaming Dog: Admirals at Thomas

Roaming Dog: Admirals at Thomas

Last seen at 08:00 am on 08/09/2020

Last seen: Admirals at Thomas, Esquimalt
Other sightings: It might live on the reservation there on admirals as it did take off into a driveway across from the old modeste smoke shop when someone else pulled over to check the dog out..
Collar? No
Breed, colours, description: Beige coloured sharpei
Gender: Unsure
General temperament: wary it did come closer to me when i called but was growling/unsure it wouldnt let me get close enough to get my leash on it..was wearing a bright orange harness.Note( it had very weepy eyes green gunk coming from one badly)

Contact ROAM:
778-977-6260 or 778-977-6265

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