Lost Budgies: Multiple names

Lost Budgies: Multiple names

Lost at 08:00 am on 11/14/2020

Species: Birds  Seven Budgies
Last seen: 1800 blk Laval Avenue, Gordon Head (Saanich)
Other sightings: Nine of our beloved Budgies got out of their aviary when the strong winds blew the door open. We found one right away and we are in the process of picking up ‘Banana’ from a lady who found her! Please, if you see a Budgie, call ROAM! Used to the weather but will be hungry!
Collar? No
General description: 7 Budgies. All different colours.
Gender: Unsure
Age: Varying.
Number of years with owner: many
Spayed / Neutered? No
General Health: good

Contact ROAM:
778-977-6260 or 778-977-6265

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