Lost Bird: Gloria

Lost Bird: Gloria

Lost at 11:30 am on 05/02/2021

Species: Pearly conure bird
Last seen: Peters Street, Esquimalt
Other sightings: Flew from peters and lyall toward the water
Collar? Yes
Tags: Banded
General description: Pearly conure. Small mostly green bird with red on her long tail and under wings. Some blue, white, and black around her throat. She is very friendly and a very good flyer. She is very active and skittish. She has never been outside or away from her best buddy, so likely terrified right now.
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Number of years with owner: 1
Spayed / Neutered? No
General Health: Healthy

Contact ROAM:
778-977-6260 or 778-977-6265

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