Found Deceased..Lost Cat: Whiskey

Found Deceased..Lost Cat: Whiskey

Lost at 12:00 am on 05/22/2021

Actual location lost: 7400 block Rosevear Road, Duncan, BC
Last seen: 7400 block Rosevear Road, Duncan, BC
Other sightings:
Collar? No
Tag details:
Breed, colours, description: Farm cat, gray/silver long coat. His fur is similar to suede in the sense that when rubbed one way it is dark gray and when rubbed the other direction it is silver.
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
Number of years with owner: 2 years.
Spayed / Neutered? Yes
General Health: Very healthy cat, no medical issues.
Chip? No
Chip details:
Tattoo? Yes
Tattoo details: Right ear – on file
Likes, fears, temperament: He’s a people watcher but will flee if they get too close. He will answer me when I call his name by meowing back until the point that he is at my location. He is a hunter if birds, mice, shrewd, frogs. Will not harm chickens.

Contact ROAM:
778-977-6265 or 778-977-6260

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