Found Cat: Tillicum Centre, Tillicum Road

Found Cat: Tillicum Centre, Tillicum Road

Found at 02:00 am on 07/15/2022

Location found: Tillicum Centre, Tillicum Road
Other sightings:
Collar? No
Tags details:
Breed, colours, description: Dark browns / blacks and tan mixed coat, took to VCA, not chipped, very faded tattoo (not legible at all) super underweight / malnourished, not sure if cat is cold or just hasn’t been taken care of in awhile.
Gender: Unsure
Spayed / Neutered? Unsure
General Health: Malnourished / underweight, think could be old
Tattoo? Yes
Tattoo details: Too blurry to read
General temperament: Super friendly / nice

Contact ROAM:
778-977-6265 or 778-977-6260

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