Lost Cat: Trooper

Lost Cat: Trooper

Lost at 02:00 pm on 06/25/2024

Actual location lost: 2600 Blk Dowler Place, Victoria
Last seen: 2600 Blk Dowler Place, Victoria
Other sightings: Apparently seen by people in the complex, within the past 2 weeks, but not sure when.  Trooper likes to go outside often, but always comes back home.
Collar? No
Tag details:
Breed, colours, description: White/brown/ Blk Tabby. White underbelly, around mouth and on legs. Brown/black marble-y colour on back’ top of head, and patches on legs. “Raccoon” striped tail.
Gender: Male
Age: Approx. 10 years old
Number of years with owner: Approx. 10 years
Spayed / Neutered? Yes
General Health: Very healthy boy
Chip? No
Chip details:
Tattoo? Yes
Tattoo details: In ear
Likes, fears, temperament: Usually responds to his name, is very sweet and does not bite or swat. Usually likes being rubbed on his head, behind ears and under chin BUT may be scared with strangers. He’s vocal.  Scared of loud noises, and dogs.

Contact ROAM:
778-977-6265 or 778-977-6260

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